Born and raised in Southern California, Don's music education started at Hamilton High School Academy of Music. Post graduation Don went on to study philosophy, music composition, and instrument performance at the University of Southern California, while studying under the tutelage of Vince Mendoza (composition), Jeff Hamilton and the legendary Joe Porcaro. After a move to New York in the late 1990s Don attended and received his BM from the Manhattan School of Music where he continued his instrument study with John Riley. His academic awards include an A&M Records music study scholarship, as well as Presidents' scholarships both at the Manhattan School of Music and the University of Southern California. Since living in New York he has spanned several music scenes, from the progressive jazz movement to session work covering everything from avant-garde to commercial recordings. He has performed at such iconic New York venues as the Village Vanguard, Birdland, 55 Bar, Smalls, and The Knitting Factory with artists such as Russell Ferrante, Cyndi Lauper, Dave Binney, Bob Mintzer, Donny Mccaslin, Jon Herington, Oz Noy, and Jennifer Wharton's Bonegasm w/John Fedchock and Alan Ferber. Tours include Europe and North America; playing in such Festivals as The Oslo Jazz Fest, Prague Jazz Festival, and the International Association of Jazz Educators Conventions. As a composer, Don's music is published and licensed through Sony/ATV- Extreme Music. His music has been featured and synced in film and TV internationally- Netflix, PBS, BBC, and A&E. As a session musician in New York City Don can be found covering anything from artist & commercial recording sessions, creative composing and tracking, as well as playing on New York's hit Broadway shows (The Producers, Wicked, Chicago, Million Dollar Quartet, Mary Poppins, The People In The Picture, Pal Joey, Soul Doctor, Beautiful- The Carole King Musical, An American In Paris, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory). In 2003 Don released Foremen on the Freshsound Label. Foremen is an acoustic jazz quartet setting that pushes the parameters of form and improvisation. The group toured the US and Europe during the years of 2002-2004. In 2010 Don's foray into the electronic experiment commenced with AMbean. Released on the Deepdig Label this records features John Roggie, and Oz Noy. March 2011 saw the release of And Again on the Deepdig Label. Back into a jazz acoustic trio setting, this LP feature bassist Drew Gress and trumpeter Nathan Eklund. With compositional and improvisational contributions from all three members, And Again is saturated with a progressive yet melodic tone. 2012 brings the release of two projects, both on the Deepdig Label- STIL is Don's electronica drenched recording project that draws from live improvisation and live analog instruments- fused with digital synths and electronica textures. Manufactured Regions EP is a duo improvisational project with guitarist Oz Noy that incorporates electronic programming, industrial textures, and live improvisation. Under the moniker of Humby Square, Don Peretz and John Roggie release One on the Deepdig Label in April of 2015. The EP is Peretz and Roggie's incursion into the IDM and Electronic Dance Music world. January 2016 marks the solo LP release of "Lalita." The Sanskrit term for "playfulness with life's seriousness," Lalita delves deeply into electronica synth mod layering and experimentation, along with Peretz' signature drumming. Lalita marks Don Peretz' third solo electronica release. Peretz describes the record as "a collection of hundreds of composed loops and progressions written over several years, based on observations, experiences, and ideas, distilled into 11 soundscapes." Ordinal marks Don Peretz's fourth solo recording endeavor into the Electronica-IDM realm. The EPÕs manipulation of analogue and digital synths, crossed over Don's live drum improvisations creates a progressive texture and soundscape new to Don's work. The opening track 'Farmer' is an analogue Moog based, glitch-dubstep improvisation, carving through a one-less rhythm base. Don describes, "The songs are all basically in four-four time, but no drum programming at all! Everything is played and tracked in. I want the effect of no bar line or time at all, while still having the groove and pulse be deeply there and connectable." Ordinal evokes a story-line score for a world in conflict with industry progress, and how beauty exists within that duality. 2019 brought the CONTINUUM EP. Another completely solo endeavor by Don. "Exploring the space of electronic soundscapes mixed with human performance and 'time manipulation' has always been an important therapeutic muse to me. I wanted to delve into issues like technology with humanity, dissonance, inequality, rapaciousness, noise, and general willful ignorance in the information wars- and point to the actual human result. I hope CONTINUUM can try to illuminate that." The EP stretches the gamut of electronic progressive music from the techno title track Continuum and free play drums of Vagrant, to the spacial-pensive finale Paul. Along with performing, arts education is a big part of Don's career. He maintains a teaching studio in New York and New Jersey, clinics and masterclasses internationally, as well as being on the faculty at the renown Blair Academy. In 2012 Don founded the Streamwell Foundation which supports artist retreats and outreach development programs. *Don Peretz endorses Vic Firth sticks, brushes, and mallets. Evans Drumheads & HQ Practice Pads The Creative Method is a private lesson program that incorporates instrument study, composing, analysis-music theory, and recording techniques as the basis of the student's artistic and self development. Every session is customized to a studentÕs strengths, age, identity, and level of musical knowledge. TCM focuses on the student's individuality and creativity as the core of their musical and personal development. Sessions emphasize technique building tools, as well as improvisation and creative composing as focal points to self-growth. TCM sessions are tailored to everything from the young beginner, to the aspiring professional, or any students interested in tools to to achieve self-realization goals such as college entrances, athletic competition, academic success, and business development. TCM clients and programs have included youngsters with academic learning disabilities, ivy league accepted students, major music conservatory bound performers, as well as professional athlete and adult executive coaching. "My objective is to focus on growth and the individual overcoming limitations. Whether it be group clinics or private instruction, the method is fundamentally a tool using instrumental study, refined technique, music composition, artistic understanding and creativity, leading to the personal goals, fulfillment, and self-realization of the student." - Don Peretz In studio and online sessions Areas of focus: Drumset study- styles, genres, technique, reading/sight-reading, improvisation, transcription, four-way cooridnation, groove building, solos, loop play and recording, etc. Contemporary Percussion- study covers classical percussion instruments such as triangles, mallets, multi-percussion, and tympani, as well as ethnic hand percussion (congas, frame drums, bongos, etc.). Rhythmic improvisation plays a strong roll in this category as well as proper instrument technique and piece study. Electronic music and recording production- Software: Pro Tools, Reason, Omnisphere, etc. Midi, loop building, and compositional structure. Synthesizer and drum machine programming. Instrumental composition, recording, mixing, and producing. Composition, analysis, and theory covers the study of music notation and rhythm, harmonic understanding, and ear training. Listening and analysis. Composition forms from classical ensemble to modern ensemble, as well as solo pieces and songwriting. "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up" - Pablo Picasso "The world is but a canvas to the imagination." - Henry David Thoreau Contact Don for private instruction and/or clinic and masterclass topics. Testimonials... Don has enjoyed considerable professional success both as a player and as a teacher. I highly recommend Don for any musical situation. I have also had occasion to send students to Don, they have enjoyed working with Don and experienced rapid growth. -John Riley(Associate Professor Manhattan School of Music) I've been with Don for about 7 years. My playing, confidence, personality and musicianship grew significantly while studying with him. I'm incredibly thankful for Don's mentoring and guidance and I wouldn't be where I am today without him. - Peter Glynn (The Julliard School class of 2023) Don Peretz is a passionate teacher. His enthusiasm for music is contagious. He creates a comfortable friendly environment to grow as a musician. Don cares about his students and is always interested to hear about what is going on in your life. Many times I find myself applying ideas Don presents during lessons to my everyday life. - Geoffrey Healy (Student ) Overall, his students will accomplish their playing goals and more, learning every aspect of the art of percussion. - Jeff Dobronyi (student) [Don] is a gifted teacher and a wonderful person... whose skill and commitment are first rate. His teaching is quite effective and most every other music professional with whom my son comes in contact comments on the outstanding teaching that Don imparts. Don has also served as a mentor and big brother to my son, and has played a valuable role in my life. Don has deftly discussed important issues with Danny and provided him with an outlet for sharing his feelings and thoughts. I have profound comfort knowing that Danny has someone to speak with at any time. He is invested in Danny's musical success and pushes him to excel beyond expectation. I feel fortunate to have him teach my son drums each week. - Leslie Yalof Garfield (mother of student - Professor of Law Pace University) Available soon at Amazon.com...
listen/download at the Deepdig Store (click here) listen/download on all music platforms (click here) Produced by Don Peretz. (Deepdig Records DDR-110)(Release 2019) listen/download (click here) Produced by Don Peretz. (Deepdig Records DDR-109)(Release 2017) listen/download (click here) Produced by Don Peretz and John Roggie. (Deepdig Records DDR-107)(Release 2016) listen/download (click here) Produced by Don Peretz. (Deepdig Records DDR-106)(Release 2016) listen/download (click here) Produced by Don Peretz and John Roggie. (Deepdig Records DDR-104)(Release 2015) listen/download (click here) Produced by Don Peretz. (Deepdig Records DDR-103)(Release 2013) listen/download (click here) Produced by Don Peretz. (Deepdig Records DDR-104)(Release 2013) listen/download (click here) buy CD-R Produced by Don Peretz. featuring- Oz Noy, John Roggie, Nathan Eklund. (Deepdig Records DDR-101)(Release 2010) buy/download (click here) Available now... Don Peretz Foremen (Freshsound Records FSNT-221) with Russ Johnson, Christof Knoche, and Dave Ambrosio. (Released 2005) Listen to tracks... Simple Man (Peretz) No Train Again (Peretz) Folk Song #2 (Peretz) Retro Phlegm (Peretz) Peretz Syndrome (Peretz) Old Man (N. Young) A Theme (Peretz) listen/download (click here) featuring- Nathan Eklund, Don Peretz, & Drew Gress. (Deepdig Records DDR-102)(Release 2012) Listen buy CD-R featuring- Sam Sadigursky, Jacob Sacks, Eivind Opsvik, and Don Peretz. (Unleaded Records)(Release 1998) Deepdig Records is committed to releasing progressive and experimental acoustic and electronic music for film/tv/media licesnsing, as well as download and streaming. Deepdig Records Store (click here) Deepdig Records.com (click here) Deepdig Records on Facebook (click here)
Deepdig Records is committed to releasing progressive and experimental acoustic and electronic music licensing, as well as streaming and downloads. Deepdig music has been featured worldwide in film/tv/media worldwide (PBS, Netflix, A&E, BBC). Deepdig Records Store (click here) Deepdig Records.com (click here) Deepdig Records on Facebook (click here)
Beanpot Tracking, Mixing, Composing and Production Studio has been drum tracking and mixing music for independent artist solo releases as well as tv/film projects (licensing Extreme Music- Sony/ATV) since 2005. Services range from particular drum tracking to final mixes, remixes, song production, composition, co-writing, and mastering. Beanpot music has been featured worldwide (PBS, Netflix, BBC, A&E). Syllo ft. Lisala Beatty: Alright To Get Up (R&B/EDM) Syllo ft. Lisala Beatty: Do You Care (R&B/EDM) Oz Noy and Don Peretz: Groomed (fusion/electronica) HUMBY SQUARE: Hintergedanken (IDM/electronica/ambient) Hans Ottsen Trio: Squealar (jazz trio) Hans Ottsen Trio: Message In A Bottle (jazz trio) Carl Storckman: Sunday Morning (songwriter) Drum tracking recorded examples- (Clean Groove) (Ambient Electronic) (Electronic Ballad) (Ambient IDM) (Clean Rock/Pop) (Odd Meter) (Ballad) (Trance) (Dance) (Crushed Big Drums)
DIKSON (Don Peretz and Dave Edwards) Don Peretz- CONTINUUM OZ NOY and DON PERETZ recording session (VIC FIRTH Performance Spotlight) Don Peretz- VIC FIRTH Performance Spotlight "The Hunts" HANS OTTSEN TRIO: DREW GRESS & DON PERETZ - Alone Together Don Peretz tracking "Dorothea" (VIC FIRTH Performance Spotlight) DON PERETZ and JOHN ROGGIE recording session for Humby Square Don Peretz Beanpot Studio
Modern Drummer Magazine July 2016 (Lalita) Modern Drummer Magazine September 2014 (Manufactured Region) ---------------------------------------- "Together these two New Yorkers (Don Peretz & Oz Noy) have created a musical, avant-garde snapshot of their mutual city, or any urban area for that matter. The EP is a unique blend of fusion and electronic soundscapes, which both Noy and Peretz eloquently improvise through...a notable approach towards fusion music and improvisation in the twenty-first century." -Abstract Logix "AMbean, a synth-heavy, electronica-drenched album from drummer Don Peretz, mixes traditional fusion with ambient textures to yield eye opening results. Guitarist Oz Noy lends the music some rock-infused weight, but it's Peretz's organic fluidity around the kit and wild metric modulation that consistently impresses." -Modern Drummer Magazine "His music is full of likable melodies and energetic play." ..."the drummer's quartet fronts a friendlier, more accessible side, and Peretz brings a real pop sensibility to his music." "Late on Foremen "A Theme" comes on like a blast of urban cacophony"... - Jazz Times "Drummer Don Peretz is onto something here as he pilots this New York City-based quartet through an expansive musical aura where improvisation and compositional structure attain a happy medium." ... "Peretz's compositions boast sustaining melody lines, often coated with prophetic musical statements. (A recommended pick for 2005...)" -Glenn Astarita (All About Jazz.com) "This group [Foremen] goes one step beyond groups..." - Cadence Magazine Shims Trio- And Again "Fast-paced recording by the Shims Trio. The starting gun goes off just before the first note, and itÕs never heard from again. Tempos are what drives this album, and each trio member puts in his share of sweat equity to get the job done. Quirky melodies are easy to find, but tough to tie down. Most pleasing quality of this recording is that even amidst a sea of apparent randomness, the trio performs as a cohesive unit, bringing a sense of togetherness to chaotic sound. Not an easy trick to pull off. Nifty album." - Bird Is The Worm.com Jun 01, 2014 l By ABLX STAFF Manufactured Region- Don Peretz and Oz Noy Composer and drummer Don Peretz has teamed up with Oz Noy to create the collaborative EP Manufactured Region. This five track EP exhibits a cross of fusion and electronic improvisation over the backdrop of industrial textured soundscapes. These songs show a momentary departure from NoyÕs iconic blues style, yet still maintains his personality and tone. The pieces create strong imagery and at times become trance like. The EP opens with Groomed, a spacey and atmospherically tune, much like swimming through textures and component sounds. The guitars manage the space as the drums hold the open form and ambience together. The song posses a smooth, easy groove while lively drums exploding beneath the surface. The end of the song holds an appearance of NoyÕs famous blues chops, veering through a textural landscape. Bundled swells into the heaviest, hardest hitting song on the EP. The piece holds a strong form and presents an opportunity for Noy to display just how well he can play with all twelve tones. The song shifts through voices, footsteps and static as DonÕs drums propel the guitarÕs energy through the piece. The song temporarily drops out, only to quickly build for a chance to showcase PeretzÕs abilities behind the drum set. Logos is certainly the most open and ambient track. The song has a quality of being dizzying as the guitars clash and are dissonant from the sound bed. This create a powerful trance quality in conjunction to the subtly wind soundscapes layered throughout the piece. NoyÕs guitar lines navigate you through the void as the audience floats over an abyss of reverbs, synths, loops and alt percussion. The title track Manufactured Region constructs several haunting loops to make up its music bed. The guitar parts come across as uneasy and angsty. It serves as a sonic climax of the EP, as the drums provoke the guitar as they fight their way to clarity. The EP holds a strong sensation of tension, and unease. This feeling is rectified on the final track Post Production. Together the musicians sore out of the rugged soundscapes into a clean, uplifting conclusion. The steady pulsing of the synth bass marches the EP out of the industrial feel that haunts the entire collection. Together these two New Yorkers have created a musical, avant-garde snapshot of their mutual city, or any urban area for that matter. The EP is a unique blend of fusion and electronic soundscapes, which both Noy and Peretz eloquently improvise through. ItÕs a notable approach towards fusion music and improvisation in the twenty-first century. Foremen Don Peretz | Fresh Sound New Talent By Glenn Astarita (All About Jazz.com) Drummer Don Peretz is onto something here as he pilots this New York City-based quartet through an expansive musical aura where improvisation and compositional structure attain a happy medium. Take for example, Russ Johnson's crybaby-like muted trumpet choruses on "Simple Man," as Perez and bassist Dave Ambrosio lay down a tight groove amid a tunefully, blues-oriented primary theme. The simplistic connotations of the track's title summon up acute visual characteristics, but the band's makeover features a medley of programmatic horn choruses and loosely organized jazz grooves. Many of these pieces are stoked in wide-ranging mosaics of sound and style, spanning Ornette Coleman-style free bop, hard bop, and jazz-funk. However, the majority of Peretz's compositions boast sustaining melody lines, often coated with prophetic musical statements. The quartet's rendition of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" looms as a solemn jazz dirge where teen spirit is branded with sorrow and remorse. However, the rhythm section subsequently ups the tempo for the coda, suggesting an air of optimism. This unit's sovereign approach to jazz covers quite a bit of terrain, as Peretz's arrangements generally convey tangible storylines that are embedded within the soloists' improvisations. (A recommended pick for 2005...) Foremen (Freshsound Records) Cadence Magazine (December 2005) Also subverts Jazz normalcy but through a different route. Don Peretz's group goes the way of the Bad Plus and rocks up its rhythms. They even go so far as to cover a rock tune the Bad Plus have already done, Nirvana's anthem, "Smells Like Teen Spirit." This shows the difference in their approach. Where the Bad Plus' version of the song started out at full blast and stayed there, Peretz's group approaches the song gradually. Christof Knoche's bass clarinet and Russ Johnson's trumpet each quietly walk through a verse and the group doesn't get loud and fast until the final run through. This measured and methodical approach carries on through the CD. The slow western lope of "Simple Man," the snappy R & B beat of "Retro Phlegm" and the James Brown funk of "Bacon Wrapped" all go somewhere specific, moved on by the leaders crashing drum rhythms and Dave Ambrosio's steady bass. Christof Knoche is excellent on his various reeds, making the bass clarinet sing and going all out with his soprano sax on "Peretz Syndrome" and "No Train Again." Trumpeter Russ Johnson is simply amazing. His melodicism, energy and tone make him sound like the best new trumpet voice since Dave Douglas. His buzzing, widescreen solo on Neil Young's "Old Man" is notable and his solo introducing "Son And Dad" is pure poetry. This group goes one step beyond groups like the Bad Plus and E.S.T. They underpin their work with rock rhythms, then spread beauty back on top with the front line. - Jerome Wilson
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Drums: Ludwig USA Maple (or Yamaha Maple Custom) toms- 10x7 (12x8), 14x14, 16x16 snare- 14x5 (Ludwig- Supraphonic Black Beauty or Yamaha Maple Custom) bass drum- (18x14, 20x14, 22x14) Cymbals: 22" Bosphorus Hammer Ride 20" Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride 21" Zildjian "A" (1950's) 18" Zildjian "K" Dark Thin Crash 17" Zildjian "K" Dark Thin Crash 16" Zildjian "A Custom" Fast Crash 12" Wuhan Trash 13" Zildjian "K" Hi Hats Heads: Evans EQ1 and G1 coated and clear heads. Sticks Vic Firth AJ3 (wood) *Don Peretz endorses Vic Firth sticks, brushes, and mallets. And Evans Drumheads. -- No scheduled shows at this time.